3 Key Differences Between Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products and Traditional Cleaning Products

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Here at GrimeGuru Janitorial Service, we hold ourselves to the highest standards and use only the best products to keep both our staff and yours safe and your commercial space as clean as possible. To do that, we use eco-friendly cleaning products. You might be wondering about the difference between our preferred cleaning products and traditional cleaning products. Here are three of the key differences between the two to help you decide if our cleaning services are right for you.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Methods

  1. Non-toxic chemicals: Many of the traditional cleaning products will include toxic chemicals like ammonia and bleach that can be harmful to breathe in. When other cleaning companies use these, you’ll likely need some time to air out the room before you can comfortably and safely use it again. Our eco-friendly cleaning products use non-toxic chemicals, so we can keep both your staff and ours safe without causing any irritations to the skin or lungs.
  2. Beneficial to the environment: While traditional cleaning products may not be so great for the environment, our eco-friendly cleaning products are made with organic materials and sustainable packaging, so they will break down naturally.
  3. Still just as effective: You might be concerned that all-natural cleaning products may be less effective than traditional products, but this is not true. Our eco-friendly cleaning products include natural disinfectants like peroxide and lactic acid, and we pair them with all the best cleaning methods. That way, you can trust that our cleaning products and services will always be just as effective as the traditional ones.

Our owner is a certified Green-Master technician, and we always take the time to care about the environment while also caring about the cleanliness of your commercial space. You can give us a call if you would like to learn more about our eco-friendly cleaning products.