How Often Do You Need Deep Cleaning?

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Here at GrimeGuru Janitorial Services, our goal is to help you keep your business facility as neat and clean as possible. While the main services we offer have to do with the routine, everyday cleaning tasks that need to be kept up constantly, we also offer deep cleaning services for those less-frequent but still important tasks. In our experience, many people don’t know how often they should have their property deep cleaned, or how to tell when that time comes, so we have put together this article to answer those questions.

How Often Do You Need Deep Cleaning?

What Does Deep Cleaning Involve?

First, let’s take a moment to discuss what deep cleaning actually involves. You can think of deep cleaning as the equivalent of going to the dentist, while your regular cleaning routine is more like brushing your teeth at home. Some of the tasks that deep cleaning involves include shampooing or steam cleaning the carpets, cleaning the baseboards or other molding, and cleaning the windows, to name just a few.

How Often Should I Get Deep Cleaning?

Although the exact number of times you should have your business deep cleaned per year will vary from facility to facility, in general we recommend using our deep cleaning services at least two or three times a year. Some specific times you may want to have your facility deep cleaned include before an office party, after an office party, before an important visitor arrives, and more. If you’re not sure when you need deep cleaning, you can always reach out to our experts to ask for advice.